The Left Brain Versus The Right Brain

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The Left Brain versus the Right Brain: How Does This Impact Learning

The Left Brain versus the Right Brain: How Does This Impact Learning


This theory suggests the main functions of both the brains, i.e. left brain and right brain. The phenomena states various functions of the left brain and right brain, it also exhibits the impact of both the brains on learning. In addition, it also suggests that both the brains have different modes of thinking. We use the brain according to the requirement of our thinking process.

The left hemisphere of the brain is supposed to be the seat of the cold logic of the verbal, dominant side, while the right hemisphere is supposed to be the side of imagination, emotion, consciousness of space but side repressed. The idea that the left brain is the reason and the right brain is the desire, passion and emotions is supposed to be right. Two personalities in one head in a way, like the Yin and Yang, the hero and the villain

For most neuroscientists, these notions are considered at best simplistic and at worst stupid. So it was with satisfaction that a few years ago, a simple brain scan revealed the true story of one of the biggest puzzles of neuroscience: what really is the difference between the two sides of the brain? Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on the theory that you are fond of the most beautiful picture revealed by this work has proven far less romantic than the effective theory, surprisingly complex and difficult to prove (John, 1998).


In this part of the paper, we will be discussing the level of the left and right brain in women and man. We will also be discussing the impact of both the brains on learning.

Left Brain versus Right Brain and Difference between Women and Men

Though it is proved that there are two sides of the brain, but the theory also suggests that it varies according to the sex. All neuroscientists have agreed today to consider that the left brain is more developed in women and the right brain, men - contrary to the general public still thinks and that under the direct influence of sex hormones (testosterone, estrogens, etc.). Thus, women are more focused on sharing and verbal communication, while the man is action-oriented and competition. Example: From the kindergarten class of 50 minutes, the girls talk about boys and ...
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