The Nature Of Technology

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The Nature Of Technology

The Nature Of Technology


Technology is the something that is unique creation, alteration and practice. It is complete education of utilization of technological mechanical gears, techniques and technological systems and methods that the organizational systems utilize to improve the available solutions to problems and solve the complex problems through it. Technology is known as a function of scientific operations to achieve a function. In today's rapid pace of competitions, technological systems not only solve the complex issues but it also provides system structure to solve the issues. These systems include research methodologies and design, and valuable skill to solve complex issues in finance, manufacturing, human resources, marketing and administration management.

Technological evaluations are utilized to perform particular tasks and to achieve specific goals. The impact of technology adaptation is not just limited to the specific purpose or problem but it affects the whole systems of the organizational or institutional units. Technology has been found as a powerful driving power for the civilization developments as it has played very important role in the development of scientific studies and evaluations. Technology has become an essential part of the societies' educational system as it forms and reveals all educational and cultural values of the systems. Technologies extensively have an effect on social well beings of the people and it has the capability to organize and adapt according to the natural environments.

History of technology in New Zealand

New Zealand has a great history about technical education of the intermediate and secondary educational systems. In the history of New Zealand, the common secondary classes' education was not found to be always according to the practical social framework of information. There was less technological and practical implications. Burns (1992) through his study found that there is great need to provide technical educational systems for all students. In earlier years the traditional technological educational programs were developed that only focused on teaching skill oriented programs. With the advancements in technologies and scientific developments the need to change the technological education was recognized to meet the standards of technologically advanced societies.

For the need to improve technical education system, Johnson (1992) also raised the question that as the working environment and practices are changing and the human resources are required to have high level capabilities, so whether the students are provided the chances to obtain those skills. The timely and positive steps taken by UK to solve problems of educations had greatly influenced the New Zealand educationalists to take the steps for the development and improvement of New Zealand's technology curriculum. New Zealand had undertaken major curriculum reforms in the 1990's that have designed and modified the standard technological curriculums in New Zealand. New Zealand's modern education systems have taken constructive steps to characterize and set up technology education as an educational curriculum to replace traditional skills subjects.

The modern changes in the New Zealand's educational curriculum have repercussions on the teachers of technology about the classroom practices and their conceptions that what means about being a successful teacher ...
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