The Race Conflict Approach

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The Race Conflict Approach

The Race Conflict Approach: A point of view that focuses on inequality and conflict between people of different racial and ethnic categories


The human species is composed of individuals with incredible physical and cultural diversity. This diversity is often the cause of conflicts and inequalities. This is because too often human relations are determined on the basis of differences and similarities of diverse groups. The consequence of these differences is that different groups end up considering themselves and other groups as "different". Individuals who have certain physical features in common are referred to as a race; individuals that do have in common, certain cultural traits are defined as ethnic groups.

On the basis of racial and ethnic concepts for the whole, I have followed prejudice, and war opponents. The very term race, which indicates the biological belonging to a group for various common physical traits, is a word devoid of any foundation. This is because the appearance of man on earth dating back 2 million years ago, while the somatic changes are a relatively recent phenomenon. That is due to adaptation of the various groups to the environment in which they lived. For example, people living in tropical environments tend to have darker skin to protect skin from sun; people who live in arctic areas tend to have shorter limbs to retain heat and so on. Another reason why the breed so-called "pure" does not exist since because all the peoples of the world have crossed each other for tens of thousands of years.

From the sociological point of view, a race consists of a large number of people who for social or geographical reasons, they are coupled each other for a long period, with the result that it has developed to identify facial features and shared by other single biological unit. It gives the concept of ethnicity concerns cultural traits. They understand the language, religion, national origin, etc. An ethnic group is no different for physical traits, is formed by a large number of people as a result of common cultural traits, and consider themselves and is regarded as a cultural unit (Brown, 1994). Contrary to the racial ethnic differences are not biological, but learn from the culture, (a Japanese living in Japan will have different values compared to a Japanese American).

Identify the major issues of your topic including possible sociological studies or news that impacted your topic

We have identified the major issues of inequality and conflict between people of different racial and ethnic categories. That is including possible sociological studies or news that impacted inequality and conflict between people of different racial and ethnic categories. Ethnic, or interethnic, conflict refers to disputes between contending groups who identify themselves primarily on the basis of ethnic criteria and who make group claims to resources on the basis of their collective rights. Ethnic criteria may include perceptions of shared culture, nationality, language, religion, and race.

An ethnic group is a collective sharing of a belief of common ancestry, ...
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