The Role Of Hr

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The Role of HR


In a competitive world, where the constant effort to achieve growth, human resources can play an important role in expanding the business through innovation, without which any business would be stagnant, according to leading HR consulting firms.

Innovations in the business of fresh ideas, new policies, new systems and processes help to achieve growth(StewartBrown2009).Organizations aimed at achieving efficiency and competitiveness. The process is done through the people in your organization to achieve its goals and objectives. Human Resource Management (HRM) plays an important role in creating value to the organization, participating in an activity that produces the required behavior of the employee to the strategic goals of its organization and goals. Human Resource (HR) role is to involve people and processes, in which HR-specialist contributes to the roles of short-and long-term activities. This model defines four functional roles of HR experts, staff attorney, a strategic partner and developer of human capital.

This role involves HR provides technical expertise in infrastructure design jobs, recruitment and hiring, training and compensation and benefits(RobbinsBergmen2003). Perhaps this process of HR is most frequently used functions, which we are in the workforce. Candidates for the job search will look for job advertisements, job descriptions and skills in demand by various media sources, or employment agency. They will send in applications for business and HR professionals will screen, interview and make a decision about choosing the best candidate. Orientation, on-job training or Web-base training will provide employees with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve high performance. HR-specialists will also develop web-based survey to assess areas of skills and abilities that employees may need to be trained. HR-department manages our scale of salaries, wages, work, health plan and benefits that take account of our work and personal life. It has been suggested that "effective and appropriate compensation can help attract and retain competent and talented people.

In short, HR Specialist develops systems and practices that contribute to the company hiring the best people, increase the productivity of training and motivation while recognizing the performance and rewarding them accordingly.

In modern organizations, HRM have moved from a functional role in the direction of a more strategic nature. Strategic HRM focuses on programs with long-term goals(Heathfield2007). These activities may include strategy, policy and decision-making process. As a strategic partner, they provide other leaders of the organization valuable information in their design and implementation and implementation of ...
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