The Social Network And Its Effect On Human Privacy And Friendship In Contemporary Society

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The social network and its effect on human privacy and friendship in contemporary society


Social networks model a form of social grouping. This term refers to the set of relations that unite different people inter-react with each other. Nowadays, social networking sites and internet evoke particularly like Face book, MySpace, Twitter and many others ... The evolution of these sites and the development of the social networking market were dazzling in recent years. Yet the issue of disclosure of privacy remains unanswered and "social networking" is often synonymous with espionage consent.


We could say without fear of error that social networks are a new way of acting and participate in society.

The chemical effects on human social networks

It may seem mystical legend and to consider that social networks have special powers capable of awakening reactions in the Internet. But this is: The Center for Neuro-economics Studies at Claremont University (USA) conducted a study on the actions of people in social networks, noting that serve to enhance empathy and feed on these platforms to give to know the moments of euphoria. (Bear, M. p. 30-34)

For the World Cup is a good example: each new goal of the user's selection, the micro blogging social network Twitter, Face book, and other social media platforms came into infecting virtual ecstasy of joy of his followers. The experiment conducted by Professor Paul Zak also revealed that Twitter can be an ideal platform to reduce the stress on people.

The experiment was assisted by journalist Adam Pennsburg, who covered the story for the magazine Fast Company and only had to stay in a room without physical company for ten minutes. The informant agreed only to a computer to interact with others via Twitter during the ten minutes it took its "isolation" of reality.

We could say without fear ...
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