Social Networking In Modern Day Society

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Social Networking in Modern Day Society


The unprecedented growth of social media and networking has changed the modern day society. Nine out of ten users in the United States visit a social website every month. Research statistics show that approximately 4.5 hours or 12% of all the time they spend on the internet is spent on social websites. This time distribution is more visible among youngsters than it is among the middle aged. This increase in trend is also seen among the elderly who are 55 and above (McDonald, p. 183). The affect of social media may be understood from the fact that social networking has become inevitable. Social networking websites like facebook and twitter have become an inseparable part of our life. This has completely revolutionalized the way people communicate, socialize and even spend their time. It may be the beginning of something none of us could have ever imagined. The change is a very exciting one and is warmly welcomed by the modern society. The social rules that were true yesterday have become obsolete today. Like any new technology, social networking too is pregnant with its merits and demerits. People have their own reasons for claiming that social media is good for society and those who contradict the claim also have strong views to support what they hold.


Social media is harmful for the society. This is true for the way it is changing the norms of the society and the social networking websites have transformed the modern society into a group of people who are all narcissi. This means that they are deeply in love with themselves and have feelings that have no justifications at all. This is reflected in the fact that most of these people have an inflated view of themselves. The way they like to put up pictures on the social networking sites and the way they like it when someone comments on them is pathetic. (Ellison, p. 6) It just goes to show that these people can think of nothing else but themselves. In these times of cut throat competition and times when the world is faced with numerous problems, the behavior of these people show they are living in utopia.

The social networking websites compel people to socialize. In this attempt to socialize people come across people they don't even know. This has two major flaws. Firstly, befriending people over the social media websites is risky in that you do not know the person you are interacting with. In addition, if the person is not provided access to only limited things on your social networking website then he may know things about you that are very personal (Dijk, p. 25). It is not a very nice idea to let anyone and everyone know almost everything about yourself. Secondly, when you have too many friends then in reality you have no friends.

In particular, participation on the various social networking websites is harmful for children. It is a risk to children and youth in that they ...
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