The Wilson Method For Concept Analysis Paper On Family

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The Wilson Method for Concept Analysis paper on Family

Concept Analysis Paper on Family


The purpose of the paper is to perform the Wilson Method for Concept Analysis paper on Family within the nursing field. It is intended to motivate nurses to resume the family as a legitimate patient and as an entity that can itself need of nursing care and self care. Among the many definitions of family, one says that is a group of people living under one roof, share beliefs and customs and aim to be good and welfare of each of its members. For Friedman (2003), "the family is composed of people united by marriage, blood or adoption. The family members usually live together interact and communicate with each role having spouse, mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister. The family shares a common culture".

Family is a complex social formation. The researchers define it as a historically specific system of relationships between spouses, between parents and children, as a small group whose members are related by kinship or marriage, common life and mutual moral responsibility as a social necessity, which is due to society's need for physical and spiritual reproduction. Normal family is a very conditional concept. We assume such a family, which provides the required minimum of welfare, social protection and promotion of its members and creates conditions for the socialization of children until they reach the psychological and physical maturity. How instituirovannoe education, the family has a set of social functions and roles for which society creates, supports and protects this social institution. An important characteristic of the family is its functional structure. Under the functions of the family understand the directions of its activity, expressing the essence of the family, her social status and social role.

Literature Review

The health of the people the most influential social group is the family, is one of the oldest social institutions and stronger. Its members have a common history, shared genetic traits, environment, customs, beliefs, general attitudes and lifestyles. When considering the family as a system, you will find that functions as a unit, as through the interactions generated between its members and the mutual dependence that exists among them, the factors influencing one member affect all other more or lesser extent. According to Friedman (1981), the family has always been the main source of support and care, most of the same as required for different members of the family unit are provided within the itself.

Tomey & Alligood (2006) says that the health of a member of the family and their reaction to influence disease physical and psychological mechanisms that act in support of the family, and receive, in turn, influence of these mechanisms. The growth and development of a child-dependent interaction of genetically determined biological factors, and the family environment. The bad housing conditions, overcrowding, poor nutrition and lack of education affect members of the family, they share certain ways of behavior, including those refer to health care. It is therefore logical to consider the needs and problems health of the family as a whole and address the ...
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