Traditional Artistic Labor In Indian Fashion Industry: Zardozi Art”

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Traditional artistic labor in Indian fashion industry: Zardozi Art”



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Similarly, Zardozi is known to be one of the traditional arts on the clothes that create the magic on the field. It is the symbol of royalty therefore it is known as one of the most expensive art engraved on fabrics. But in the past, due to many reasons there has been decline in the Zardozi art. There have been many factors that affected this art including globalization, industrialization, down turn from the occupation, lower wages, expensive raw material and lesser amount of opportunities present to learn this art. But still this art has gained immense importance. But the recent changes in the Indian fashion Industry has caused a great boom to Zardozi art as the younger designer has started promoting tradition art on the international forums. Therefore the renaissance has been observed. This dissertation aim to find out the factors that has influenced the Zarsozi art in the Indian fashion Industry. On the other hand it also finds out the present status of Zardozi art in the fashion industry. It has been found that emergence of Zardozi art and other embroideries in the Indian Fashion Industry contribute to the recognition of fashion industry as an emerging market to India. Zardozi art has lost its importance in the past few years. Further, this study is also undertaken to fin the importance and the existence of Zardozi Art in today's Indian market and to study what was it s importance in the past.

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Overview of Indian embroidery ...
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