Traditional Artistic Labor In Indian Fashion Industry: Zardozi Art”

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Traditional artistic labor in Indian fashion industry: Zardozi art”



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Table of contents




Outline of the study5

Background of the study5

Significance of the study6

Research aims and objectives6

Research questions7

Limitation of the study7

Time scale8


Overview of Indian embroidery industry10

Types of embroidery11

Chikankari embroidery11

Kantha embroidery11

Zardozi embroidery12

Artistic labor in Indian embroidery industry12

Zardozi art in India13

Artistic labor in Zardozi13

Impacts of Zardozi art on economy14



Outline of the study

The following proposal thesis is based on the topic “Traditional artistic labor in Indian fashion industry: Zardozi art”. The first chapter of the thesis will explain and illustrate and will provide details on the introduction of the topic, which will also highlight the aims and objectives of the study. The second chapter of the thesis will provide a detailed review of the literature and previous studies. The literature review will explain and emphasize on the previous research done in the specific field. The chapter of literature review will illustrate and provide information regarding the tradition artistic labor in Indian fashion industry. The third chapter of thesis will explain the methodology of the proposed study. The fourth chapter of the thesis will analyze and examine the findings and discussion will be provided. The fifth chapter will provide conclusion. The final chapter will also provide future implications and recommendations for future research study.

Background of the study

There have been great changes in the fashion industry of India in past few years. Indian fashion industry is one of the growing and emerging industry and fashion market in the world after South Africa. Total worth of the Indian fashion industry is estimated near to be very huge. It has been estimated by the statistics of Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) ...
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