Tragedy Of Othello

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Tragedy of Othello


The plays of Shakespeare are very common for the tragedy it presents in the plays and the dramas. There are presented different elements of tragedies in the plays and dramas of the greatest author Shakespeare. The tragedy has remained one of the central themes of the literatures in the work of different authors. It is considered to be the hallmark of the classic literature to have the tragedy in the dramas and plays.


The element of tragedy is based on the replication of the actions that requires the action by the individual agents in order to perform the act. The individual agent usually possesses the qualities of the high morale in terms of both the thoughts and the character. The actions and the thought of this character are usually reproduced in the dramas and plays on the triumph and disappointment are based. This is the idea that is usually laid behind the tragedies that are depicted in the plays. The tragedy in Othello is also based on the same criteria that show the protagonist as possessing high moral values. In the play, the character of Othello has been shown as the soldier in the army of Venice (Loomis, 2002, Pp. 200).

He has been shown as the general of the Venetian army in the play. The story revolves around the four central characters that are Othello, Desdemona, Cassio and Ensign Lagos. Desdemona has been shown the wife of Othello, Cassio as the lieutenant in the Venetian army while Lago has been shown as the villain of the play Othello (Loomis, 2002, Pp. 200).

In the first act of mischief occurs in Act II when he tries to convince Cassio that Desdemona is a temptress, but, to his dismay, Cassio maintains that she is no more than a friend to ...
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