Transnational It Operations

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Transnational IT Operations

Transnational IT Operations

Transnational IT operations

National organizations have found several new paths for their growth provided by the worldwide market-place. The economic, social and technological changes all over the world have developed transnational opportunities which many companies, brought together by industry competition, try to seek for. A need to locate and incorporate information technology systems in any country where corporate activities are supported, felt in the developed corporate culture. Information technology now possesses the same meaning as outsourcing in this age. Transnational IT operations have been facilitated due to lower pay rates, worldwide accessibility of network bandwidth and organizations looking for outer skill sets. People are the steering power behind the technology, even though technology includes the same language. It is needed by the organizations to think about other aspects and not only focus on raising the “bottom line” by diminishing the labor cost (Sashi and Karuppur, 2005).

Transfer of Work

Transfer of work refers to the process of transferring the data. Organizations that conduct outsourcing jobs, for instance call centers and companies performing application development and technical support require a continuous link between the organization and customer. If the continuity is hindered, the organization will start losing the revenue as the customer may not receive his desired service properly Cross-culture differences need to be inspected and rectified; so that all the factors of the business flourish (Lee, 2008).

Legal considerations need reflection in respect of transferring of work. The USA has very strict laws regarding privacy. However, similar laws are not found in various countries and if they exist somewhere, their enforcement is quite tough.

The transfer of work is quite advantageous as well. Cost of labor is lesser in different areas of the World. Lower labor costs means that a small-sized organization can outsource the job to a foreign country's organization that deals expertly in the job, if it is unable to have enough funds for a customer server center. However, the organization needs to perform an extensive research must be conducted by the organization to know about the vendor who would be receiving the transfer of work (Wasieleski, 2007).

Quality of Work

Transnational IT operations meet challenges with quality of work as well. There exists a concept namely pair programming which is a practice in which two programmers constantly working together on the same design, algorithm, code, or test and working alongside at one computer. Organizations are required to prove the effectiveness of bringing together programmers in several locations working on the same application.

Quality of work needs to taken it must be considered how employees feel about the organization of which they are employees and the way the work is being performed. Contract negotiations may face some barriers in terms of cultural differences and language. The resulting breakdown influences the work quality as the transnational IT operations try to complete a task. An example would be cultural differences in regard to rushing to meet a deadline or taking the extra time required to correctly accomplish the task (Zhao, ...
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