Transport Management And Planning

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Transport Management & Planning


Automobile traffic management has gained a worldwide interest in recent years. Most of the developed conutries' secret of success lies in the automobile traffic managements' success. One of the most effective approaches developed for tackiling the problem of commuting is "trip-planning site work." Several case studies have been analyzed in this dissertation related to British business travel planning company, which had cut commuter driving an average of 18%. This study has concluded upon the fact that behavior change can be achieved in a considerable variety of contexts - but employers usually require a comprehensive strategy to address parking, and improve alternative modes of travel. On the other hand, a broader national strategy is needed, if the travel planning is to achieve its potential.

Table of Contents


Chapter I: Introduction3


Problem Area5

Details of the Study6

Research questions8

Chapter II: Literature Review9


Interest in work place travel plans21

Chapter III: Methodology26


Case Study Selection27

Analysis of case studies29

Chapter IV: Results33

Modal shift achieved by travel plans33

Background characteristics40

Chapter V: Discussion44

Way of specific measures44

Buses and trains use44



Car sharing46

Other measures of travel plan47

Travel planning process49

Travel motivation of planning and decision-50

Travel costs scheme52

Chapter VI: Conclusions55



Transportation Planning and Management

Chapter I: Introduction


Globally, there is increasing interest in management of automobile traffic to reduce congestion, local air pollution, separation of community and emissions of greenhouse gases, improve quality of residential and urban areas and to promote physical activity. work trip is often focus of attention, as it represents the significant proportion of all traffic, and most of traffic at the time when roads are busiest there. According to British National Travel Survey, in 2008, of all mileage as the car driver in Britain, 38% were for purposes of travel or business, (DfT, 2009a). One of approaches developed to tackle trafficking route is known as "workplace travel planning."

THE travel plan work can be defined as the set of measures that employer put in place to encourage and train staff to work more sustainably. work travel plans can also address other trips that affect workplace, including business, visitor, client or patient travel, travel planning, workplace etc has taken place in countries like Netherlands, United States UK since early 1990 and is ongoing policy interest. This paper reports on an investigation in United Kingdom is based in Department of Transportation's interest in topic, which measures what initiatives work travel plan we have in UK, and examines factors that determine whether these initiatives were successful.

Specifically, this paper reports on research commissioned by Department for Transport Transport 2000 Trust (now campaign for better transport Charitable Trust), University College London and Adrian Davis Associates (Cairns et al., 2002b). This involved creation and auditing of all important data relating to 20 case studies of employers who have practical travel plan working order, and conducting the detailed analysis of their experience. Evidence that research is that here, complemented by future work, which included the detailed analysis of experience of seven local authorities in UK that actively promote workplace travel plans for employers, (Cairns et al ...
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