Dissertation: Surveying Planning And Management Of Offshore Supply Vessel And Material Deliveries To Offshore Installations

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Dissertation: Surveying Planning and Management of offshore supply vessel and Material Deliveries to Offshore Installations

Dissertation: Surveying Planning and Management of offshore supply vessel and Material Deliveries to Offshore Installations

Aims of the Dissertation

The main reason behind this research mainly is due to the studied module that the author took during the modules program, and most importantly module which is related to the research topic is Logistics and International trade there were other modules which will contribute to the foundation of this research to mention few of this modules such as Supply chain management, Strategic operations management, TQM and other modules.

The challenges being faced by Oil and Gas companies operating and drilling offshore has prompted the author to pay more attention and interest on carrying research in this part of the industry where the author is employed and the challenges that is facing this industry and gained knowledge from the modules will contribute to this research.

It is primarily important because it is mostly the backbone of National Defence strategy. Marine offshore logistics is important because During this time the War Department placed the Army and Navy offices responsible for the procurement of petroleum products, medicines, clothing and other items. The success of this step led to the recommendation of a presidential commission headed by former President Herbert Hoover to coordinate the procurement, storage, distribution and transport through the service.

Integrated management of supplies and services began in 1952 with the creation of a joint Army-Navy, Air Force Center for Standardization of terminology nutrition. Department of Defense and the services of certain material, which will be implemented in an integrated manner, as "consumables", ie, materials that are not repairable or are consumed in normal use. Consumables, which are also called commodities were each assigned to one service management for all. In the mid-1950s, each service has become one of managers for certain goods. Army managed food and clothing. Navy managed medical supplies, oil and industrial parts. In each category, one manager was able to centralize services and to persuade the action to adopt the same standard elements. The concept, though successful, did not meet recommendations Hoover Commission. Each individual manager works in accordance with the procedures of its service, and customers had to use different procedures for each product. In 1961 McNamara ordered the consolidation of a manager of the agency. Defense Supply Agency was established October 1, 1961, and began operating on 1 January 1962. DSA has assumed the administration of the federal program directory, Defense Standardization Program, the Program of Defense Utilization and Surplus Personal Property Program treatment, and eight single-manager agencies have daily delivery centers:

The author feels that this part of industry can benefit from this research where many oil and Gas companies do face obstacles and challenges in marine logistics management starting from drilling equipment, materials deliveries from the warehouse base to the end user at offshore installations, this challenges come from Air, land and sea transportation, another difficulties is the bad weather condition in the sea due to unworkable ...
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