Understanding A Belief

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Understanding a Belief

Understanding a Belief

Voodoo: A credible Belief

Voodoo originated in Africa, which is still practiced, especially in Benin, where it is practiced in its original form. Voodoo, however, it has crossed Africa (Atlantic) Ocean to the 17, 18 and 19 of the twentieth century, during the European organized the deportation of millions of Africans in various parts of North and South in the triangular trade (Rigaud, 2004).

Voodoo is usually associated with Haiti, which is the religion of the vast majority of people. Although it is mainly indebted to the belief system of the Cierva, voodoo in Haiti also integrates elements of other African nations, such as Yoruba (Nago), for others Congo, Hausa, Caplaou, Mandigo, tripe, and many others. It also includes some aspects of religion Arawaks (indigenous people of Haiti), Freemasonry and Catholicism. The influence of the latter mainly took the form of the date of the celebration, pictures of saints, prayer, and so on. However, we recognize that these holy prayers, and forced to participate in the liturgy, which, in essence, Africa is not Catholic. The presence of Catholic symbols in the voodoo in Haiti because of persecution, that the African peoples by Europeans at the time (and even after) the days of slavery, religious, and therefore, it is necessary to conceal the voodoo Europe (e.g., "acceptable") characters (Métraux, 1998).

Voodoo is a manifestation of a spiritual system of Africa. As such, it is based on an ancient African hypothesis that the entire cosmos is animated by the divine origin of life that permeates all that exists, humans, animals, plants, minerals, and objects and phenomena. As a result, Africans in general and voodoo, in particular, not of themselves as separate and distinct from the cosmos, as well as an intricate part of the whole that is greater than themselves. ...
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