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Health Risk Behavior

Health Risk Behavior


Aspects of psychological, biological and social are in an interdependent relationship, thus giving a complex character. In the formation of adolescent sexuality is striking role, helping to shape the identity of self and society. Harmonious development of sexuality in children contributes to a harmonious and balanced relationship personality with himself and others. It is false that sexuality is at the equivalence to sexual relationship. Sexual health is the health of the whole body and the individual's mental universe. In the last decade, the right to education of children and young people is seen as a fundamental human right that must be respected by any democratic society (Choquet & Manfredi, 1992 pp. 623-30).

The basis of the concept of risk there is a distinction between possible and real and the possibility that a state cannot desirable reality occur as a result of natural events or human activities. "The" risk "is the probability of an event combined with the magnitude of the losses and profits that this event will conduct. The early reflections of the social sciences have often focused on particular forms of risky situations such as disasters and catastrophes 3 . Despite considerable differences between the scholars, the concept of catastrophe and the (not entirely equivalent) disaster seem to refer mainly to situations of gravity high occurrence of rare and relatively limited in time and in space (Choquet & Manfredi, 1992 pp. 623-30). "Risk" may be used instead as a general term to emphasize a characteristic common to all emergency situations - regardless of their duration and distribution in space and time - that is the perception of a threatening thing as flood, earthquake, or the launch of a brick. Compared to the "emergency", the term risk is also the main advantage of giving permission to attach to an extensive area of investigation in social sciences that transcends specific situations of the same emergency, such as focusing on the attitudes and the proper subjective signs of individuals and social groups against the risks.


Depression causes teens to engage in unsafe sex

Researchers have been found that adolescents with sexual experience and showing symptoms of severe depression are likely involved in unsafe sex. The research shows just how important for parents to be familiar with the signs of depression among adult men and women. In addition to emotional support, parents should encourage young people to seek professional psychological help, if the need arises. According to doctors, 20% of all young adults may experience depression (Santelli et al, 2009, pp. 372-9).

It has been found that the higher the level of depression was observed in boys during the first survey, the more likely a year later, they did not use condoms or other forms of contraception during sex. They are also more likely to use alcohol and drugs before sexual contact (Overby & Kegeles, 2007 pp. 216-227). The girls, found a large number of depressive symptoms, and with no less likely to have not used contraception and had three or more ...
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