Vernacular Architecture

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Vernacular Architecture

Vernacular Architecture

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Ethical Concerns3


Rationale of the research topic\significance of the Study5

Literature Review7


Research Method22

Research Instruments22




This study focuses on the basic topic of vernacular architecture and investigates the factors and variables that impact the development and evolution of vernacular architecture. The comparison between the prominent vernacular architectures has been done and the impact of globalization has also been discussed on the vernacular architecture. The research was conducted in order to get in-depth view about the topic. The case study methodology is used for the investigation of vernacular architecture and the evolution of the architecture is analyzed through understanding of relevant literary sources. World War 2 and globalization are the two main factors that have contributed greatly to the evolution of the English and European architecture. Architecture in north and South America is the result of European settlers and eventual ruler therefore in its roots it is European architecture with the mixture of local tastes. The study also undertakes the analysis of other vernacular architecture of other regions such as Africa and Asia.

Ethical Concerns

Research will be conducted in such a way that the integrity of the research sources are maintained? and negative after-effects which might diminish the potential for future research were avoided. The choice of research issues will be based on the best scientific judgment and on an assessment of the potential benefit to the participants and society in relation to the risk to be borne by the participants. This study is related to an important intellectual issue of vernacular architecture.

The research will be carried out in full compliance with? and awareness of? local customs? standards? laws and regulations. The researcher is familiar with? and respect? the host culture.

The research has avoided undue intrusion into the lives of the individuals or communities I studied. The welfare of the informants had the highest priority; their dignity? privacy and interests will be protected at all times. Freely given informed consent is obtained from all human subjects such as librarians who will provide the literature sources.


A discourse of the existence of the vernacular architecture within a given society implies identity dialogue of a human being and how he recognizes himself as an element that is part of a particular environment. The distinctiveness adopted by the person is revealed in the everyday consciousness and actions for the each and every aspect of the local culture. The ownership of vernaculars is referred to as my country, my region, my people, even the myself by the local citizens. Basic human activities are born in everyday activities and with it the realization of particular forms of activities. Such activities and the vernacular architecture is a reflection of social, cultural and spiritual needs of people. The term vernacular, in its more general approach is concerned with the characteristic of certain culture, its most frequent use is linked with the name of the native individuals, customs and traditions therefore, for the average American, the vernacular language is English. But the word vernacular extends its meaning to ...
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