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This paper intends to discuss the significant concepts of victim blaming and victim defending. The subject is extremely sensitive and critical. The purpose of this paper is to focus on the battered women or men who kill their abusive partners. This paper will make the reader aware about the most important concepts of victimization in relation with people killing their abusive partners.


Family relationships are meant to provide happiness and the feeling of safety to one another. However, since the beginning of this world, family relations also possess a darker side. Homely environment is assumed to provide to warmth and escape from the bitterness of the outside world but there are people who tend to disrespect the very essence and notion related to homes. Violence is becoming increasingly common in our society. Violence being committed from one intimate partner to another within the domestic boundaries is an extremely sensitive issue (Eva, Carl, 2003).

The term domestic violence basically refers to domestic abuse or family violence. It is defined as the abusive behavior of one partner in a relationship towards the other partner. Domestic violence can take various forms like physical abuse, verbal abuse, controlling, stalking and many others. People usually assume that domestic violence is limited to physical abuse only; however, it is not true. Domestic violence can easily be extended to unlawful imprisonment, harassment, criminal coercion, stalking and all related activities.

Domestic Violence tends to become a sole source of various social disorders; however a significant amount of legal systems are still struggling to deal with the realities and impact of intimate aggression or violence. Assumingly, there are insufficient rules to protect the victims of domestic abuse along with a fair dealing of the related consequences. The victims of domestic violence undergo immediate physical as well as financial issues (Christine, Karen, 2012). However, when the actual violence comes to an end it does not stop the victimization.

The after effect in many numbers keep on haunting the violence victim even after actual violence has been committed. The interrogation by the police and questions by the family, friends, etc. in a negative manner by the violence victim tries to suggest that the violence victim caused or did something that increased the chances of becoming a violence victim. The constant fear that lingers the violence victim is another after effect of violence and it can cause the violence victim to remain in fear and ...
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