Visual Aids

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Visual Aids

Visual Aids

Visual Aids

Visual aids are means used in oratory to express "visually" a concept or idea and serve to stimulate the imagination of listeners and to highlight a basic idea of our discourse. Scientifically proven that visual communications are messages that speak to synthetic eye and are more effective than words.Visual aids help a reader to imagine what you're trying to say. The two types of visual aids, charts and tables, allow you to specify things that may be difficult or tedious to describe with words alone. This handout describes some basic principles of good design.

Use of Visual Aids and their problems

In the initial teaching of mathematics using different types of visual aids:

Objects environment

From the first days of school children in their account for training and operations of addition and subtraction, subjects of the environment can be used as a countable material. This material can serve as books, notebooks, pencils, counting sticks, etc. The individual items can be used in the future: at familiarizing students with the elements of geometry. They can show different spatial forms.

Demonstration visual aids

This type of visual aids are first of all, pictures and training table with a picture of some familiar objects for children, sets of pictures, pictures with inserts, appliques. Used as a countable material that significantly extends the capabilities of teachers in teaching children the account, and to illustrate the problems. For visual aids demonstration model also includes measuring instruments and tools (clock dial, scales), the model measures (meters, liters), models and mock-ups of well-known products to children. The models used to study the measures and dimensions of learning. A plaster casts and models - as illustrative material in the preparation tasks. Finally, the demonstration visual aids are images, and models of different geometric shapes.


Tables called text or numeric entries in a specific order. Most often in the form of columns, as well as grouped together a series of drawings and diagrams with or without him. Tables are available in large sheets of paper pasted for ease of use on cloth or cardboard.

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