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VoIP systems: Their Advantages and Disadvantages

VoIP systems: Their Advantages and Disadvantages


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to realtime telecommunication using the Internet to carry the digitized versions of the voices that are speaking to each other. The world of telecommunications has been turned on its ear in the past few years with VoIP telephony challenging the regional telephone companies as broadband connections provided by cable TV vendors penetrate the market (Bocklund & Bengtson, 2002). This technological change has the potential to be a force to redesign computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) and multi-modal survey interviewing efforts. For example, starting in 2002, the Center for Human Resource Research (CHRR) at Ohio State University began implementing such a redesign.

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In A Cisco Voice Over IP System (VoIP) versus a traditional AT&T Centrex or Premise Based Avyaa System

There are lots of benefits of investing in a cisco voice over IP system (VoIP) versus a traditional AT&T centrex or premise based avyaa system. Cisco physical security software and hardware allows the capture, transmission, viewing, recording, archiving, and management of analog and IP video sources. It also provides electronic access control. The physical security system is engineered with network and video expertise. The Cisco physical security products offer state-of-the-art video surveillance and access-control solutions that are convenient to integrate with your existing physical security infrastructure.

Cisco has incorporated innovative and effective wired and wireless IP camera deployment into its system so as to provide a comprehensive network surveillance solution. The Cisco IP video surveillance solution is one of the most flexible, encompassing, and complete solutions for managing physical security. This surveillance system integrates smoothly with the existing CCTV camera solutions or could be easily operated on a pure IP level.

The Cisco IP video surveillance system offers live and archived streams in almost all common media formats and provides sufficient archived storage for video streams. This eventually helps users to install, configure and troubleshoot IPVS via lab reinforcement and instructor led delivery. Combined with unparalleled level of network integration and security, the IP video surveillance solution offers customers a complete peace of mind. It takes care of every aspect of physical security.

There has been a significant increase in the number of Cisco network consultant who offers high-end solutions for all network related issues, such as Voice over IP, switching, routing, security and wireless. In addition to Cisco IP surveillance solutions, a number of Cisco service provider consultancies also provide Cisco network troubleshooting, Cisco sales consultancy, and plenty of other services.

More and more users are seeking the services of Cisco security consultants because of the ever rising importance of Cisco IP video surveillance. These consultants offer solutions for the proper optimization of IP network infrastructures so as to facilitate remote video monitoring and real-time investigation. Nothing could provide a better physical security than Cisco IP video surveillance system.

The security applications have reached a new level - thanks to Cisco IP video surveillance. A large number of end users from small companies to large business ...
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