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Approximately 16% of UK couples are currently married abroad. However, academic or practitioner focused research that explores the complex nature of a couple's buying preferences or the development of innovative marketing strategies by businesses operating within the weddings abroad niche sector, is almost non-existent. This exploratory paper examines the role and relevance of marketing within the weddings abroad sector. The complex nature of customer needs in this high emotional and involvement experience, are identified and explored. A case study of Perfect Weddings Abroad Ltd highlights distinctive features and characteristics. Social networking and the use of home-workers, with a focus on reassurance and handholding are important tools used to develop relationships with customers. These tools and techniques help increase the tangibility of a weddings abroad package. Clusters of complementary services that are synergistic and provide sources of competitive advantage are identified and an agenda for future research is developed.




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The purpose of this research is to design the new range of service for the company known as “Absolute Perfection Wedding Consultancy” (King 2002:105). This company is located in UK and is responsible for planning marriages in UK. This paper analyzes the growing service in the market segment of UK and suggests the organization to include it in their service line. The weddings abroad sector is booming. A recent report by Mintel (2008) suggests that one in six (16%) British weddings now take place abroad. With an estimated market value of £333 million in 2008, this equates to approximately 51,300 overseas weddings - a massive 43% increase since 2003 (Mintel 2008:42). However, no academic research has examined buyer preferences and businesses marketing activities within this growing sector. Current and emerging constructs in the international service marketing, strategic and marketing management, experiential marketing and travel and tourism literature may not capture the complex nature of consumer's buyer behaviour or marketing management strategies developed by service providers in the weddings abroad industry.

In recent years, getting married abroad has become increasingly popular and is considered by many couples all over the world into consideration (King 2004:31).

While the roots of many partners are based abroad and therefore they want to spend the most beautiful day in the life at home, getting married abroad takes a lot of German in its spell.

Nevertheless, the pair should be aware that a wedding abroad, with many planning activities and organization ...
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