What Set You From, Fool? By Paul Beatty

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What Set You From, Fool? By Paul Beatty

Thesis Statement

Paul Beatty explains 6 ego statuses in What Set You From, Fool? The report focuses on contact, disintegration and re-integration ego status.


The report focuses on discrimination against communication. The word discrimination comes from the Latin meaning discrimination separation. The didactic action distinguishes one from the other two concrete objects of thought, a term used in psychology. Discrimination is a form of passive violence, becoming, at times, this attack in a physical assault. People discriminate or designate lower differential treatment in terms of rights and social considerations of individuals, organizations and states. They make the difference either by skin color, ethnicity, gender, age, culture, religion or ideology.


Individuals who discriminate have a distorted view of human essence and attribute to themselves characteristics or virtues that put them a step up from certain groups. From the height can judge the rest of individuals for qualities that make the essence of these. Often this rejection manifests hateful looks or lack of acceptance in public places, jobs or schools, actions that affect the person rejected.

The most powerful means of intervention are the direct communication between people. This applies to one in the debate over violence, discrimination and total domination, on the other, but also in dealing with potential perpetrators. The general debate continually increases the sensitivity to the initiation of force, to allow an intervention as possible in advance. Disintegration is the process in which people wants to live in the white group, and they love to stay in the company of these people. In this article, authors discuses about six different ego statuses related to the racist society. The process of disintegration is very popular in the American culture and the people who live in the American society they want to be part of their culture. A black or Afro person faces several discriminating behavior in the society and to be a part of their culture they adopt their culture by cultural disintegration culture.

Direct intervention refers to the direct intervention in cases of discrimination of any kind without meta-structure over the each actor. The actors act autonomously and not as representatives of one (e.g. by the plenary committee) constructed we. The main thing is the communication aspect i.e. that the action aims to stimulate thought processes, and associated with communicative elements. Direct intervention is the immediate reaction to the events. Service users and other people build a ...
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