White Australia Policy

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The continuing legacies of White Australia Policy

The continuing legacies of White Australia Policy

To begin with the discussion, the White Australia Policy comprises a vast and substantial description of creating the whereabouts of halting the entrance of immigrants into Australia. The basic objective was to create an 'all-white' Australia so as to reduce the problem and hindrances that were otherwise occurring with the presence of non-white individuals. This paper tends to tailor and encompass around Cabramatta, a suburb located 13km in the South-West of Australia. The paper tends to incorporate different whereabouts of what are the problems and hindrances that the suburb may otherwise be having. Finally, the paper ends with highlighting the problems and situations that may otherwise be occurring in the suburb of Cabramatta.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement for this paper shall be 'Identifying the relationship between racial discrimination and the White Australia Policy.'

Problems occurring in Cabramatta

Although a culturally diverse community, Cabramatta has had several problems, being at the top of the news due to drug problems and substance abuse; heroine has been a prominent problem within the suburb. As the title suggest, we shall be discussing the accounts of gender segregation, why does it take place, what occurs as a consequence, and whether the occurrence is positive or negative (Dunn, 2004). Now for the undertaking of having significant accounts of making the product market more precise and concurrent, gender segregation is basically considered an inevitable phenomenon. This is because professions undertaken, jobs availed, products and tangible goods manufactured and intangible services that are being intended to current and potential customers will always have their limited and restricted portfolio; for instance, whenever we discuss the job or profession of a nurse or receptionist, the first thing that hits our mind is a female figure or a women dressed petite, yet modest and servicing the clients coming in or patients who have to come to being treated at a hospital.

Whilst on the other hand, when talking about people involved in distribution and logistics, engineers and scientists, we generally view the perception of men in our minds. This is because for centuries and beyond, there have been people who have irrevocably and iterated contributed to these fields single-handedly (Waitt et.al, 2000).

In countries with low levels of Gross Domestic Product, such as Cabramatta, the degree of segregation is often quite small. However, in the wealthy industrialized countries of the world the levels of segregation are all at least moderately high. In this study, we accordingly consider the balance of thoughts, knowledge, emotional components and feelings of women and men in relation to equal opportunities, in short their attitudes. Although it is possible that awareness of gender issues prevents the majority of men from expressing unpopular views, it seems unlikely that the majority of women do likewise, especially in an anonymous research investigation.

Alternatively, of course, it could be assumed that the responses of women and men are politically correct, as respondents said what they thought they should say to ...
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