Australia's Current Illegal Immigrant Policies

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Current Illegal Immigrant Policies of Australia

Current Illegal Immigrant Policies of Australia


Australia's migration system is founded on command over who is permitted to go in Australia through a visa system. Anyone who is not an Australian citizen should contain a legitimate visa to be lawfully in Australia. The terminology for persons who are neither Australian citizens neither the holders of legitimate visas has altered regularly. At diverse times, such persons have been prohibited non-citizens, illicit immigrants and illicit aliens. Under the present legislation, the terminology utilised is unlawful non-citizen. A individual can become an unlawful non-citizen either by going into Australia without a visa or by residual in Australia when they no longer own a visa, either because it has expired or been cancelled.



Current Australian Government approximates are that there are roughly 46,000 unlawful non-citizens in Australia, of which 26,200 have stayed here unlawfully for more than 5 years. The biggest assemblies of unlawful non-citizens in Australia arrive from the United Kingdom and the USA.

Divisions 6 and 7 of Part 2 Migration Act govern the detention of unlawful non-citizens. Division 6 concerns to the detention of designated individuals -- vitally persons who traveled to Australia by vessel former to 1 September 1994 and were not conceded a visa. This Division was presented with retrospective result because of a Court dispute to the legality of the detention of certain of the 'boat people' held in the Port Headland Detention Centre former to that date.

Immigration Restriction Act 1901 was an Act of the Parliament of Australia which restricted immigration to Australia and formed the cornerstone of the White Australia policy. It furthermore supplied for illicit immigrants to be deported. It conceded immigration agents a broad stage of discretion to avert persons from going into Australia. The Act prohibited diverse categories of persons from immigrating, but most significantly it presented the dictation check, which needed a individual searching application to Australia to compose out a route of fifty phrases determined to them in any European dialect, not inevitably English, at the discretion of an immigration officer. The check permitted immigration agents to assess applicants on the cornerstone of dialect skills (

Division 7 of the Migration Act applies to persons who became unlawful non-citizens former to 1 September 1994 - encompassing the 'boat people.' The result of the Division is that unlawful non-citizens should be kept in 'immigration detention.' ...
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