Illegal Immigrants And Employment

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Illegal immigrants and employment


Post 9 / 11 lives once more driven by immigration, legal and illegal, at the forefront of much discussion and legislation in the United States. The militias were formed in the deserts of Arizona, while public gatherings have emerged in opposition in California and elsewhere. Not since President Clinton signed sweeping reforms of immigration in 1996 the issue has been so electrified. One can see why the issue is debated with such intensity, after all this is a country of immigrants. Many say that immigrants take jobs Americans will not do, which begs the question, why the fuss? Others say they take our jobs seems to contradict the previous statement (Barkan, 44).

United States was actually the name of the nation of immigrants because many of them live there. The growing number of immigrants that are illegal is also causing other problems like terrorism to the country. There are several problems for an alien in the United States (Cull, 121).

Illegal immigrant and employment issue

Illegal immigrants cause many problems for a country. Moreover, issues related to security, illegal immigration can also cause an obstacle to the prosperity of a country. Most countries, especially developed countries, are constantly fighting against illegal immigration and cross-border migration, and the U.S. is one of those countries.

According to statistics, approximately 800,000 foreigners who migrate legally in the U.S and of these about 200,000 immigrants resettle in the country as illegal immigrants. The biggest problem U.S. faces due to illegal immigrants is unemployment. Illegal immigrants compete with others in America for jobs. These immigrants are willing to do undesirable work hard for very low wages. As a result of illegal immigrants are in great demand by employers seeking cheap labor.

This is one reason why illegal immigrants are a burden on the U.S. economy. Every year the country spends millions of dollars to rehabilitate thousands of illegal immigrants. The government gets the tax money it collects. Apart from this, the U.S. spend money on the deployment of the surveillance patrol its borders to reduce illegal immigration to some extent.

Illegal immigration costs taxpayers millions

The service is not a panacea for the problem of U.S. immigration, but many states and local authorities consider that savings throughout the county itself to the implementation of E-Verify is worth. Searching people before they are hired will benefit in many ways, and the opening of job opportunities is only the beginning. According to Matt Reed, Florida Today, how to deny jobs to illegal migrants, "The database is not perfect. But the use tweaks prevent a lot of our inadequate public spending.

Experts refers to the reports of the Congressional Budget Office mentioning how the U.S. would see a considerable savings in areas like health, costs of incarceration and lost tax revenues. Limit the ability of jobseeker unscrupulous minimize the need for settling the long border patrol, and removing the controversial issue of illegal immigrants who have legally entered the States, but fell over the legitimacy of your visa.

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