White Supremacy

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White Supremacy

White Supremacy


White Supremacy is an invented category that describes a new social construct, which was not originally present but was inculcated in the society with the passage of time. These constructs aim at granting power tot eh white skinned individuals, while disempowering the black ones—thus the concept deals with distribution of power on the basis of skin color and not according to intellect and abilities.

The concept dates back to 1500's, when the whites started ruling over the black and started considering them as people of low self esteem and deserving mal treatment. Since then, they have been taken as slaves and treated in an inhumane way, mostly used to serve the whites. The following paragraphs analyze the progression of white supremacy since 1880 and the impact placed by it on the society.

Progression of white supremacy

The European powers started the process of colonization and conquest in 1500s, and from there started the concept of white supremacy. The British started conquering various parts of the world while considering them as superior due to their skin color, and the same attitude later formed the basis of white supremacy. The Europeans considered themselves as culturally as well as morally superior to others due to the same reason, and thus came out to be the worst offenders.

In the late 19th century, the whites came to North America, with the intention of conquering the land of Native Americans, rendering them homeless. When the British arrived, the area was inhibited by 7, 000, 000 people who were divided into 600 distinct communities. The British started eliminating the black, using a number of harsh and cruel tactics including conquest, war, disease and also broke a number if treaties in order to remove the Native Americans from their land. By the end of the conquest, only 225, 000 native survived while the others ceased to exist due to the ill treatment and also because of the homicide that was conducted over there (Malcomson, 2000).

The conquest of land was actually a part of the formation of white supremacy, as the whites intended to get hold of the land because of their skin color and thus they started with the social construction of race on the basis of the economic context.

During the American Revolution, the inferiority complex of the blacks started growing, and a number of people started speaking slavery; thus the whites started fearing an end of the concept and ...
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