Why America Shouldn't Police The World

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Why America shouldn't police the world


The main purpose of this paper is to make an analysis on the reasons that why America should not Police the world. The influence of United States on the world is declining since the time when President Eisenhower made discussion with British Prime Minister in order to reverse the course of the decisions regarding the foreign policies. Thus, the paper discusses the reasons that why America should not police the world.


According to different countries, America should not act to police the entire world. The reason is that the influence of America on the whole world is decreasing with the passage of time. The influence of United States in the world has declined when President Kennedy had to recommend the leaders of South Vietnam for the purpose of bringing change in the domestic policies in 1963, and agreed with his refusals. The influence of American on the entire world has also declined after the suggestion of President Carter to leave the country by 1979, and revolutionary anti-American regime has started as a result of this. Thus, it could be easily said that with times many incidents occurred which led to decrease the influence of America on the world; therefore, it is not possible for America to police the entire world (Barnby, 343).

America is just facing different upsets because of the irresponsible spending as a result of the policies. Therefore, the President has shown interest in cutting the expenditures. This cut will bring good results in America, but it will not bring much positive impacts on the deficits faced by America. Thus, it is necessary for America that it should work on designing the policies for its defence rather than policing the entire world. The foreign policies developed by the Presidential candidate Ron Paul were not so effective and these policies have been criticized throughout by different critics. Since a century, America has been told that America is responsible to police the entire world, and it has to work for the strategic and moral imperatives of the world (Kortepeter, 301). As per the Americans the main purpose of designing the policies for the world is saving the world from communism. As per the American's officials, there job is also to police the entire world in order to defend the national security.

The military of America is playing a very dominant role in the world. Though the influence of American military is very high in the world, still America has the power to influence the world without deploying any military. As per Americans, they have already ruled the world without the deployment of military forces. As per the Americans, their movies and music is alarming for the mullahs all over the world (Kitzen, 203). Their websites and books are also the dissemination of those ideas which considered being dangerous ideas by the autocrats of the world. Above all, one way to rule the world is through trading with every country.

As per Americans if they fail to ...
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