Why American Education So Popular

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Why American education so popular

Why American education so popular

Education is one of the most important things in our lives. I know the difference between Chinese education and American education. American higher education is the best in the world, but when we talk about basic education, most people will have different bifurcation.

However, it is allowed in the U.S. Americans believe calculators go quickly and correctly. Thus, when both students exam, the Chinese are better than American students. But when both the students use some of the media, the Americans did better than the Chinese student. Apparently, Chinese students are better than American students, when they manage and use the cerebral, but when we compare how to use different information or the spread of cerebro, American students are better than Chinese students.

When we compare China's basic education with the United States, the opinion of most people is that Chinese education is the foundation for education and American education for the cultivation of creative students. In China, "seventy percent of the three men agree, and twenty-four percent disagreed with this. Also, a further three per cent think that Chinese education is the foundation of education, but the student can not learn much while American education is for the cultivation of creativity students, but it can allow students to learn more. "

China and America have very different traditions and exams. Chinese education focuses on knowledge to accumulate and zombies, about how students use and management of knowledge they have learned in school and how to understand knowledge systems and structures. By contrast, the U.S. care more about how students use the knowledge in society. This allows the student to the problem of knowledge, to condemn the idea, and focus on, create or use knowledge. These two types of attitudes about education show us different ways to understand knowledge as well as show the two countries with different views of education.

"In China, when comparing the education, sixty percent of people think the best education model combines the advantages. This allows students a good education and a good foundation of creativity. Sixty-five percent agree. Thirty three people think, because the two types of education from different cultures, traditions and society background, it's really hard to combine.

In general, Chinese teachers had a better understanding of mathematical concepts they have learned than their American counterparts. The study confirmed the findings of previous studies which ...
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