Why Do We Study Diversity In Psychology?

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Why do we study Diversity in psychology?

Why do we study Diversity in psychology?

The United States was once a nation that was filled with prejudice, discrimination, and segregation. Though we may never abolish all of these thoughts and behaviors, we as a nation have made great strides at welcoming diversity. The United States has been referred to as the “melting pot” due to the diverse cultures combining to develop a multi-ethnic society. “Within 50 years, ethnic minorities in the US will approach 50 percent of the population” (Hall & Barongan, 2002, p.3). With diverse cultures meshing, and inter-racial marriages conceiving multicultural children, the topic of diversity has intensified. Not only has the general population had to gain knowledge of other cultures and increase their acceptance, but so has the professional fields as well. The field of psychology has had to evolve in order to incorporate many different cultures. Multicultural psychology attempts to enhance the field of psychology by addressing diversity and its importance in understanding individuals of different cultures. History of Multicultural Psychology Multicultural psychology can be defined as “the systematic study of behavior, cognition, and affect in many cultures” (Barker-Hackett, Mio, Tamambing, 2008, p. 4). Cultural variations can include gender, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, and class.

The role of multicultural psychology in society involves studying how a culture effects the way people act, think, and feel. Different cultures have characteristics that are unique and not easily understood outside of that culture. Through studying different cultures, and becoming educated, people are more able to understand why others act, think and feel the way they do. Multicultural psychologists became concerned with the study of all features of an individual's behavior, while in a situation of interacting with people of different cultures. The goal ...
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