Why Foreign Language Study Is Necessary

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Why Foreign Language Study Is Necessary

Respected Editor,

In this letter, I will highlight some of the reasons of why the study of foreign language is necessary in the modern age. There are lots of reasons of why studying foreign language is necessary. With respect to the study of languages, the future may hold different patterns of student participation. Changing demographics, employment trends, globalization, and transnational ties are encouraging parents from mainstream groups to enroll their children in foreign-language immersion programs.

This simple song describes life in the new millennium. For decades, Americans didn't worry about learning a foreign language because the American economy dominated the world. But as the economy has gone global, the world has shrunk. And the smaller the world gets, the more we need tools to facilitate understanding each other. Language is such a tool.

Of course, not every person can learn to speak every language, so we depend on the skills of translators and interpreters to make ourselves understood. The work they do is a critical component of life in the global village (Fairclough, 2001). But even people who do not make their living using a foreign language can benefit from studying a language other than their own.

There are some very good reasons to learn a foreign language, even if you know you'll never be a pro. Here are just a few: Foreign language training is useful generally. Knowing a foreign language increases your cultural sensitivity and enhances your travel enjoyment. Even being able to say "hello" and "thank you" opens doors with the people whose country you are visiting. It shows them you are making a sincere effort to be agreeable and to get the most out of your visit to their country.

Foreign language training is useful in school. Learning how a foreign language "fits together" can improve your ability to speak and write English because you are more conscious of grammar and usage rules. Because English has borrowed words from so many languages, learning a foreign language can improve your English vocabulary--helpful on those standardized tests and job interviews.

Latin is increasingly popular for students who intend to major in the sciences or go to medical school because so much scientific terminology is Latin-based. Foreign language training is useful in other careers. Knowing a foreign language can help you improve your general employability too. Flight attendants can work international routes. Business people work in international trade. Language skills come ...
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