Why Haiti Is Less Developed Compared To Dominican Republic

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Why Haiti is less developed compared to Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic and Haiti

Haiti and Dominican Republic have absolutely nothing to do. It's just an island with two countries that border. But they are two totally different nations in terms of language, race, religion, culture, land, politics, economics, etc. The Dominican Republic east of the island covers 3 quarters of the island with 48.442 km2 and Haiti to the west with 27.750 km2. The Dominican Republic is one of the few countries in the world economic and logistical aid to Haiti, and that great powers are indifferent to one of the hemisphere's most impoverished nations such as Haiti and Dominican Republic also supports a migration of Haitians fleeing poverty and economic instability that Haiti has suffered for years. Haitians are excellent and honest workers and Dominican Republic is engaged in construction, agriculture and sugar cane cutting. The Dominican Republic makes enormous contributions to the welfare of the Haitian immigrants in hospitals, work and medicine. Dominican Republic is the country of the West Indies with the largest number of people in the upper class, upper middle class and middle class. The second country is Puerto Rico, although it has a total population of 4 million, a little less than wealthy people in the Dominican Republic.

With 4.5 million people in the underclass, the Dominican Republic is the second country with the largest number of people in that class. Only Haiti has more. Regarding the homeless, again the Dominican Republic is second only to Haiti.

Dominicans and Haitians share the same island and historically we have always associated statements since his release from France in 1804, almost half of the twentieth century were not so weak, even since they were free Bolívar helped with guns, gold and men and invaded the Spanish side of the island, which today is the Dominican Republic and subjected for 22 years, these lands were distributed by parcels and took the people as their servants and this gave them some momentum, but greed itself of human beings, waste and corruption put paid sustained a country that today has the worst indicators of America and the world by threatening to bring that same term to its neighbor backed by powers that the only way to place them for output to Haiti is the Dominican Republic takes its neighbor Haiti (Smith, 2005).

Haiti, in particular, has some physical disadvantages regarding its neighbor, the Dominican Republic less rainfall, poor soil; the rivers of the Dominican mountains mainly flow eastwards. However, the two countries, writes Jared Diamond in his extraordinary book Collapse. How Societies Choose to Fail or survive, are the perfect antidotes to geographical determinism, the best example of how societies are the ones who decide the fate of a country.

The Haitians were once strong and seized what is now the Dominican Republic

Dominicans had also insulted the Haitians, especially in 1937 when the Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, tired of Haitians landlords buy properties that abut the border and more markets every ...
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