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The Companies Which Provide Services to Wikileaks

The companies which provide services to Wiki leak

The companies that provide their services to Wiki leak include the New York Times, Germany's Der Spiegel, the United Kingdom's The Guardian, France's Le Monde and Spain's El Pais. These organizations are the ones that have been given the right by Wiki leak to have a look at its documents and publish it in their respected newspapers. Moreover, Daily Taraf has become the first Turkish partner of the whistle-blowing website Wiki leak, joining internationally known publications in signing a contract to publish the site's leaked documents firsthand.

The Turkish daily was picked by Wiki leak because it is “the bravest newspaper in Turkey,” as described by the site's founder, Julian Assange. The contract between Taraf and Wiki leak does not include money; nothing was paid between the two parties. (McGreal & Chris, 2010)

All these organizations that are providing their services to Wiki leak are well known organizations. These newspapers have agreed on the terms and conditions set by Wiki leak in order to form the collaboration with them in order to have the documents from Wiki leak and publishing them in their respective newspapers.

The role and responsibilities of these companies

Wiki leak is not a typical non-traditional media initiative. The New York Times, The Guardian and Der directly involved in the editing of the document and select leaks. London economists also played an important role. In the editing program and promised to reveal the truth in the media attention Chu, the latest version of Wikipedia, the embassy cable accidentally leaked the mainstream media and the U.S. government "top secret." Wikipedia co-operation between mainstream media leaks in this choice is not accidental; it is some major U.S. and European newspapers and 'wiki editing Zhu leak part of the agreement.

The most important question is, who control and supervise the selection, allocation and release of file editing to the general public? What is U.S. foreign policy through the process of redacting services? Wiki leaks as part of an awakening of public opinion lies, and on fighting every day in the print media fabricated the emergence of Internet TV? If so, how can such a spread in the media, rumors and false information to launch the company's media war architect?

Wiki leak architects invited media disinformation media: a process of dissonance and self-defeat. U.S. companies more specific New York Times is a media and Wall Street and Washington think tanks and the Foreign Relations Committee (CFR) in part of the established economic ties. In addition, the U.S. media has grown to U.S. intelligence agencies long-term relationship, can be traced back to "Operation laughing bird", the CIA's Office of Special Projects (OSP) was established at the beginning of 50 years, and initiative. Even under the wiki leaks on the ground, the mainstream media involved. Definition of a role, and agreed only to release, but in the selection and editing, but also disclosure of commercial media. In a great irony, "professional media", the economist said in ...
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