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A couple of days before, the world was surprised by the leaks made by Wikileaks about what America thinks and believes about various events and issues happening around the world. The meaning of the Wikileaks word can be translated as "leaks fast" and was created in 2006 according to their own website for "bind leaked documents related to sensitive government issues" and their main server is in Sweden. (Ambinder & Marc, 2010)

 Cablegate is the name that Wikileaks has given the biggest leak of secret documents in history. U.S. faced with greater filtration of history as the Cable Gate is a blow to all States and countries around the world, but the great hurt in this story is the United States, and that this filtration has made the data public. The thoughts and deeds that the American country has tried to hide from all possible ways has been published in the cable gates. The consequences have been such that the United States has called Wikileaks should be treated as a terrorist organization.

Wikileaks leaked more than 300,000 reports and communications between the U.S. State Department and its embassies around the world which is the biggest leak of secret documents in history. WikiLeaks sent this information to the newspaper The Guardian, The New York Times, Le Monde and El Pais, among others. U.S. authorities did not want to publish certain information about Yemen. They argued that endangered an ally in the fight against terrorism. (MacAskill, Robert & Julian, 2010)

These secret reports also include the presentation of U.S. military video with images showing the killing of Reuter's photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen and eleven other civilians in Baghdad, which was reproduced for more than four million users worldwide. Documents and correspondence between the Climatic Research Unit of United Nations and the University of East Anglia where scientists debate the scientific validity of the concept of climate change were also a part of cable gates. The arrest of Julian Assange is the latest information in the fury unleashed by the decision of the curtain WikiLeaks of diplomacy the U.S. government. This provided an opportunity to look at the backstage world of diplomacy from the front row of the audience. (Stein & Jeff, 2010)

Undoubtedly, the emergence of WikiLeaks has enormous consequences for diplomacy. Recovering from the shock raised, the administration of Barack Obama warned officials not to visit the site WikiLeaks. These findings seem desperate attempt to cover the sun with a sieve, considering the enormity of the changes underway. In the digital age, there are no more secrets, someone can access documents filed in a server and copies itself come to life and speed. The disclosure of network information security of U.S. government (SIPRNET) which has the access to almost three million employees is permanent. It is therefore possible that, from now on, any diplomat is much more discreet when it comes to producing information. (Norington & Brad, 2010)

Beyond the impact on diplomacy, it must be known that WikiLeaks is a journalism organization especially investigative journalism as it took place in ...
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