Work Satisfaction Of Registered Nurses

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“Factors Associated with Work Satisfaction of Registered Nurses”

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“Factors Associated with Work Satisfaction of Registered Nurses”


It has been estimated that by the year 2015 there will be 20% dearth of full time correspondent registered nurses (RN). In health care, retention of nurses is main concern; therefore it has been so important to understand those factors which has significant importance in contributing work satisfaction and on which basis it intends to leave. An interpersonal relationship which exists among nurses, peers and managers can be a factor also. This research paper aims to explain the factors which contribute work satisfaction among registered nurses, and some of the compulsory actions towards which healthcare institutions and hospitals should respond, some of the motivational factors which directs to the shortage of registered nurses internationally. Registered nurses (RN) and preoperative nurses hold the straight influence on the care quality delivered which is focused as combined experiences of nurses. Lack of adequate manpower, there has been occurrence of job burnout which in turns leads to an increase in turn over.


Increase in the shortage of nurses. And how this shortage can be alleviated.


The validation behind the shortage of nurses is alarmingly increasing and becoming one of the major challenges for the healthcare institutes and for the hospital industry as well. In order to deal with this problem, it is important to design such protective schemas aiming to address this crucial problem. The major and foremost purpose of this research work is to portray results and findings on the standard practices relating to many factors which eventually contribute to work satisfaction in operating theatres.



The research work was based on quantitative and cross-sectional study, which included positivist and abstractive idea and concept, random stratified sampling technique was done to categorize and classify results. The data obtained was analyzed by using SPSS.

Demographic Sample Size

120 registered female nurses were used as the sample population, which were taken out through the use of researcher administered questionnaires. The questionnaire was sent through the e-mail to the registered nurses from an e-mail data base. Age limit was from 19years-55 years.


Nurses have been considered to be accountable for the maximum patient care and therefore they intend to execute some of the major and significant tasks during any patients stay while he is hospitalized, from observing imperative signs into giving out required medications. Recently, shortage of nurses has been a major problem and the increase is expected more in the near future.

A lot of causes exist for the description of this, although it's difficult to identify an individual causal factor to the dearth from the reduction in enrollments in nursing school, it is because of monetary and economic constrictions as well as the shortage of clinical amenities and therefore very few nurses are capable to graduate. For the shortage of funding to give training to new nurses coming into the workforce because of the retirements of old nurses.

The adverse and disastrous reality exists for the shortage of the nurses. For coping ...
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