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Observation of Platte Valley Medical Centers working Kitchen

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Observation of Platte Valley Medical Centers working Kitchen


Platte Valley Medical Center is one of the leading health care organizations in America. It provides the best treatment and care to patients in their health care center. It is recognized as the best health care center that enhances heart attack, pneumonia, and surgical patient's outcomes (American Hospital Association, 2003). As it is known as one of the best health care centers in America, it takes care of everything, even minute details of it. These details also include the food that is served to its management people, doctors, nurses, patients, and everyone who is linked to Platte Valley Medical Centre. Healthy food is important to be served, if any organization wants it patients to be cured well and stay healthy (Dun and Bradstreet, Inc., 2009). This research paper includes details about how Platte Valley Medical Center deals with its kitchen, what is good in its menu and management and layout of the kitchen.

Layout of the kitchen

The most important thing is the ambiance of any area where one works. Hence, the ambiance of the kitchen is also very important for the workers to work there, and for any visitor who wants to see the kitchen of a known health center. Platte Valley Medical Center has the Silver Aspen Bistro & Barista, located in the hospital, which is one of the nicest eating establishments in Brighton. It has a daily grill, expansive salad bar, wood stone pizzas and calzones, and daily chef selections like London broil, blackened salmon and jambalaya. It also has an ordering system for patients, who can simply dial a number and can order whatever they want to eat.

Biography of the chef

The executive chef of Platte Valley Medical Center's kitchen is Mike. It took him time to enter in this medical center and reach this high post. It happened only because he was passionate about cooking. He started his career at the age of 15 as a bus boy in a small Italian restaurant. He worked there for some time, and then he went to school for his degree in geology. He continued his work in a restaurant. He worked there and started to save for his studies as well. After working in small restaurants, he moved towards hotels. After spending some time in hotels, and when he thought that this experience is enough, and he wants to move further, and towards something big, he started to work in hospitals. He worked at PSL for 18 years. During his entire career of chef, he never took any class of cooking from any culinary school. He reached this success because he loved cooking, and it was his passion.

Kitchen Management

Further on interviewing him, he gave the description of the kitchen. His team has two cooks, named Linda and Nick. They both work under the chef, which is Mike. Further, he told about the admin assistant orders. He said that all dry ingredients are ordered ...
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