Worksheet- Unit 4

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Worksheet- Unit 4


Task 1 - Complete the chart below with the present simple tense, using the verb 'go':








I go

You go

He/she/it goes

Do I go

Do you go

Does he/she/it go

I don't go

You don't go

He/ she/ it doesn't go




We go

You go

They go

Do we go

Do you go

Do they go

We don't go

You don't go

They don't go

Task 2 - Identify the following tenses, and give reasons for the identification:

a) I have never met anybody famous.

Met in the negative

This sentence is in Present perfect tense, because it uses 'have' with third form of verb (met)

b) John is having a shower at the moment.

Having in the positive

This sentence is in Present Continuous Tense because it uses 'ing' with the verb. (Having)

c) I go shopping at least twice a week.

Go in the positive

This sentence is in Simple present tense because it uses first form of verb (go)

d) I have been working here for 10 years.

Been in the question

This sentence is in Present perfect continuous tense because it uses 'have been' with 'ing verb' (working).

Task 3 - State as many usages as possible of the present tenses with an example sentence for each (not a sentence from the unit!). One of the usages for the present simple, with an example sentence, has been done for you. Bear in mind that there are more:

a) Present simple

Facts - “The sun sets in the west.”

Routines- 'I go for a walk everyday'

b) Present continuous:

1. Things going on right now- I am eating an apple

c) Present perfect

1. Experiences: 'I have worked at a Radio Station'

2. Latest information: 'I have shifted to my own apartment'

d) Present perfect continuous

1. Something that just ended: 'I have been travelling'

2. Something that was happening and is still going on: 'I have been working at his office since three years'

Task 4 - State how the tenses below are formed grammatically. Explain positive, negative and question forms:

a) Present simple

Positive: Subject + simple form of verb

For Example: I play cricket

Negative: Subject + simple form of Verb + not

For Example: I do not play cricket

Question: Have/ has/ do/ does + subject + simple form of verb

Do I play cricket?

b) Present continuous

Positive: Subject + 1st form of verb + ing

For Example: I am playing piano

Negative: Subject + not + 1st form of verb + ing

For Example: I am not playing piano

Question: Are/ am + Subject + 1st form of verb + ing.

For Example: Am I playing piano?

c) Present perfect

Positive: ...
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