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World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a game that has captivated the hearts and computers of millions of people worldwide. No other game has brought such depth and intricacies into the world of online gaming, and no other game has brought such a controversial fan-base. Although one may proclaim to be a gamer and may play every day with friends, whether online or not, if that gamer does not play World of Warcraft, you can bet that gamer has criticized those who have; World of Warcraft players have become the archetype for what people believe is the “dark side” of gaming hiding away in one's own room, never socializing and always being unproductive.

A large amount of people nowadays can say they have played a World of Warcraftat one time or another during their lifetime, whether it was back in the eighties with the Atari, or modern Xbox and PlayStation. Technology has advanced greatly and graphics of World of Warcraft are better than ever, inviting and enthralling the gamers into entire new worlds of fiction where anything is possible. These people's lives revolve entirely around games and technology of them. Although some people argue that World of Warcraft cannot possibly become an addiction, the truth is that World of Warcraft often becomes addictive and the effects are undeniable, because World of Warcraft addiction leads to dependency in different levels, as well diverse health problems, and even death.

People also think that gaming equates to laziness; those are the people who have not played Warcraft. James is so dedicated to the game that he plans everything out, makes all the calculations, and determines the optimal strategy to achieve his goals. In fact, once James was out of school, his mother, in the absence of any homework assignments began to bug him about Warcraft. “Have you finished that quest? Have you leveled up today?” were common questions his mother would ask. This may seem fanatical to some, but think of sports.

A common misconception about gamers, especially those of the online variety, is that they are antisocial. In James' case, this could not be further from the truth. Many types of World of Warcraft require teamwork, and Warcraft is no exception; in fact, Warcraft is more of the rule. The game was designed for players to interact; each person has something different to contribute to the group. James quickly learned this and gathered a ring of friends he could play with.

James has never been more social than he is while he is playing Warcraft. He looks forward to playing the game just for the chance to talk to his friends daily, and has kept a few friendships going despite long distances; all because of this game. There's a reason why it is called a “massively multiplayer online game.”

Just as a fish thrives in water, but cannot live on land, so too do each of us “thrive” in a different environment; James thrives in games, with his friends, and now his family, who play ...
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