A Comparison: “in Times Of The Butterflies” And “the Farming Of The Bones”

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A Comparison: “In Times of the Butterflies” and “The Farming of the Bones”

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A Comparison: “In Times of the Butterflies” and “The Farming of the Bones”


Both the books “Farming of the Bones” and “In time of the Butterflies” have been quite popular among the readers. They have also managed to earn a distinctive place in literature. Although, the books came out more than a decade ago; they are still praised for clear depictions and portrayal of the theme by Critics.

“In the Time of the Butterflies” was written by Julia Alvarez and was published in 1994. The book became an instant bestseller and is widely read even today. On the other hand, “Farming of the Bones” written by Edwidge Danticat is regarded by many as one of the best works of fiction in modern literature. It was published in 1998, four years after “In Time of the Butterflies” was published.

Background of the Novels

The novel “In the Time of the Butterflies” revolves around the hardships and tragedies the Mirabal sisters faced in the period of Trujillo's regime. The story is set up in Dominican Republic. It was also adapted in to a movie in the year 2001. The author Julia Alvarez has written it in first and third person; to personify the events and to intrigue the reader (Alvarez, 2005).

“Farming of the bones” encompasses the Haitian culture, the political instability, economic and law and order turmoil. Haiti is a complex country and has a long history of violence and economic depravity. The book also gives an account of the dictator regimes in the country, financial and moral corruption and poverty. It also portrays the wealth gap between classes in the country. Written by a female writer; it broke the stereotype of Haitian female writers and earned mass appreciation ...
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