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Accounting Analysis

Accounting Analysis

Question 1

Definition of Plagiarism

With easy access to information online, making their own ideas of others without acknowledging the original author of them is now a very common event in plagiarism is incurred when using other people's ideas and does not adequately recognize the source of information. Plagiarism may be a violation of copyright law and patent law and as such may lead to legal liability (Cameron, 2009). On the other hand, plagiarism is possible in areas which are not covered by any of the intellectual property, for example, in mathematics and other basic scientific disciplines.

Types of plagiarism

- Giving another student's work as your own;

- Copy text without the approval of the source consulted;

- Copy a text word for word and not to put references;

- Compose using some ideas (I paraphrase) from a written source without proper documentation;

- Delivering a work copied directly from the Web, and

Strategies to avoid plagiarism

- Place the dates of everything that is copied or paraphrased directly from the text;

- Interpret and write the ideas in the text, making sure not to place or replace only a few words;

- Check that there is an exact copy was made ??accidentally while using the same words (Cameron, 2009).

- Credit must be given to the views, opinions and theories of others.

- Credit must be given to some facts, statistics, graphics or extracts that are not commonly known.

- Credit must be given to paraphrases and quotations from written words or statements by others.

Question 2

- Indicate the effects of each of these transactions on the Accounting equation of the Mobile Pizza's business for the month of August. Complete the table, using the column headings shown below and symbols + for an increase or - for a decrease, and NE for no effect (ignore GST). The first entry has been done for you. When you have finished, total each column and check to see if the accounting equation is in balance.

- Prepare journal entries to record each transaction.

Mobile Pizzas

Preparation Adjusting Entries

August 2011








$ 10000



$ 10000

(To record the amount that is capital invested in the business)



Purchases (shop equipment)


$ 5000



$ 5000

(To record the purchase of shop equipment on cash)



Purchases (delivery truck)


$ 12000



$ 1500

(Accounts Payable (delivery truck)

$ 10500

(To record the purchase of delivery truck on cash and on credit)



Purchases (Raw material)


$ 2000


Accounts Payable (Raw material)

$ 2000

(To record the purchase of pizza making supplies on credit)





$ 15000


Loan Payable

$ 15000

(To record the loan obtained from the bank ...
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