Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler


The most influential person that shaped the direction of world is Adolf Hitler. The aim of this paper is to perform analysis of Adolf Hitler's leadership.

Goals and Personality of Adolf Hitler

For most part of the leadership, Hitler considered himself as a man of fortune, and an agent of fate, whose vision for the future was perfect. Beyond any doubt, he was convinced that it was merely he, who possessed the military and political insight, will power and vision to re-establish Germany to right place among the other nations of the world. However, this overwhelming self-confidence had its drawbacks; because of this Hitler was unable to accept any type of criticism from those individuals who might not have agreed with his liberal decisions, views, or opinions. It was not unusual for Hitler to smash into a violent aggression and behave more like dominating leader. This type of personality enabled Hitler not to change his mind once he had taken a decision or to change the goals he felt intended to achieve (Schramm, pp. 50).

The career of Hitler was characterized by the remarkable power that he attained over the German nation, and he made use of this power to achieve his political goals. The power of Hitler over the German nation was somewhat because of his extraordinary ability as a speaker.

Speeches of Hitler were tool of political intoxication that encouraged a degree of passion in his listeners that appear to defy explanation and definition. Hitler was perfect in using the spoken words and a mastermind at the art of directing mass policies for his political agendas.

His strange ability to demand to the irrational and subconscious needs of his audience and to request the desired response made him a dominating political character. During his political speeches, crowd used ...
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