Advancement & Humanities

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Advancement and Humanities

Paper Outline


Brief introduction to the topic

Significance of technology and innovation in the development of humanity

Events that led to the Advancement

Factors that cause and result in the advancement of technology

History of the development of computers

Effects of Advancement

Effects of technological advancements on the social life of humans

Pros and cons of technological advancements

Evolution of the Advancement

Radicals in the technological advancements

A discussion on the current discussions


Inferences from the overall discussion

Advancement and Humanities


The ability of human to think and use the mind separates him from beast that evolves from humanity. Therefore, human always strives for advancement and tries to innovate and invent to create a better world and development of society. The field of technology is rapidly changing and portrays the advancement that has a drastic effect on humanity. When speak about the relationships between humanity and technological advancement, it is apparent that have to address the inactions between some multifaceted phenomena such as systems of universal nature rights, society or systems of societies, science and technology. The development and discovery of a many powerful sources of energy like electricity, petroleum and coal have enabled mankind to overcome natural barriers. Such advancements have transformed our world into a global village because of fast modes of transport development.

This paper outlines technological advancements overview have demonstrated a considerable advancement concerned with all humanity fields, ranged from the systems of communication, the computers, electronic devices of daily usage, automobiles, medical fields, nuclear powers and astronomy. In this paper, evolution of personal computers (PCs) is taken into consideration and how this technological advancement affects humanities. This technological advancement brings both advantages and disadvantages over humanity; both perspectives are taken into consideration.

Events that led to the Advancement

It is true that “NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION” that is necessities give rise to inventions that lead to transmogrification and battement. One of the significant and biggest technological advancement is introduction of Personal Computers, which drastically affects on humanity. The emerging need of quicker and timely work processes lead the innovators to bring into play a machine that can carry out these processes with minimum human effort.

Over last 50 years, PCs have advanced from clunky business, which play an enormous role in our everyday lives, ranged from play to work. The advancement took place with the invention of abacus that refers to first PC, but the history of Computers confers that label upon the Kenbak-1 designed by John V. Blankenbaker in 1971. In the same year, Datapoint 2200 was also traded and were commercially more successful than Kenbak.

The first commercial PC, Micral was brought in 1973 based on the Intel 8008 microprocessor by president and founder of the French company R2E, Truong. Lee Felsenstein, in 1975, turns the computers into console of gaming. IBM entered the PC market in 1981 and fueled the PC growth with the introduction of IBM 5150 with Microsoft's MS-DOS operating system and Intel 8088 microprocessor, and completed the first portable PC with 64 kilobytes of memory, two floppy disk ...
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