African American History

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African American History

African American History

Southern Population, 1850- Map: 6-4

White population

Highest enslaved African population

Lowest free American population

Highest free African American population

1.Missouri 90%

1.South Carolina 57%

1.Florida 1%

1. Delaware 17%

2.Delaware 81%

2.Mississippi 55%

2.South Carolina 1%

2.Maryland 13%

3.Kentucky 80%

3.Louisiana 47%

3.Alabama 1%

3.Virginia 10%

4.Arkansas 74%

4.Alabama 44%

4.Louisiana 3%

4.North Carolina 3%

5.Tennessee 74%

5.Gorgia 44%

5. North Carolina 3%

5.Louisiana 3%

Political and Social Implications

The American history regarding the African American is very drastic. The above used chart shows the movement of the population into different areas. The race and ethnic groups exist from the very beginning. The problem between the blacks and whites exist from the very beginning. As far as African Americans are concerned, ...
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