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Alternate Medicine - Nursing

Alternate Medicine- Nursing


Nursing constitutes an important function in the advancement of health care towards the public. No other health care professional has such a vast and dynamic role. Community Health Nursing is defined as a set of actions that are aimed at providing care to individuals who are ill, mentally incapable, or dying, not only within the realms of the hospitals but in any other environment where health care may be required. The aim of this study is to investigate the causes behind the increased rate of resignation among expatriates' nurses in Security Forces Hospital (SFH), Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Based on SFH Human Resources Department Statistics, the Non-Saudi nurses constitute more than 87% of the total number of nurses in SFH. It was also projected that resignation rate has increased from 5% in 2005 up to16% in 2008 (SFH, 2008). This study aims to analyze the issues, its challenges and implications, potential impact on the service provided; as well as formulating a justified strategic response for future course of action. In order to analyze the problem and provide suggestions for a proper solution the six-step problem solving model is chosen. The model starts with identifying the problem clearly followed by analyzing its potential causes then identifying possible solutions to solve the problem through the best solution, then developing a plan of action to solve the problem and lastly implement solutions and evaluate progress (UHS, 2010).

Literature Review

Security Forces Hospital (SFH) is a 450 tertiary hospital under the administration of the Ministry of Interior (MOI). It was established in 1975 as a 120 bed hospital. The hospital serves only employees of MOI and their dependants. SFH aims to deliver optimal quality in its services i.e. deliverance of health care to its clients. It should be noted that organized health care services are relatively new in the Saudi Arabian Kingdom. Ministry of Health (MOH), the main health care provider in Kingdom, was founded in 1954 and in the same year the first hospitals were established. MOH is the governmental agency responsible for strategic planning, formulating health policies and monitoring the health services provided in the kingdom (Tumulty, 2001). MOH provides about 60% of the total health care services of the Kingdom, while other private and government sectors provide 40% of these services (Abu-Zinadah 2006). The vast expansion in health related services in the Kingdom, in light of a lack of local man power, demanded the continual recruitment of foreign nurses and medical professionals from abroad. According to Anderson R. (1992), King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center has deployed a nursing staff is from more than twenty five different countries.

Despite the fact that most of the patients are Saudi national with Arabic as their mother language, English is still the formal language in Saudi hospitals and all staff including nurses communicate in English. For most of them, neither English nor Arabic is their mother tongue (Simpson et ...
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