Aluminium Poisoning

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Aluminium Poisoning

Aluminium Poisoning

Aluminium is one of the most common metal present on earth. Its abundance in earth's crust is around 8.1%. Aluminium is also a part of the air we breathe in, a small percentage of it is present alongside oxygen and other elements. Commonly it is not harmful for human health, but high levels of aluminium can be injurious to our health. Aluminium targets the central nervous system of the human. It leads to brain diseases by producing oxidative stress. Numerous doctors believe aluminium can lead to other brain ailments like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease (Crisponi, 2013, p.77).

Aluminium is widely present around us, and aluminium toxicity could be a result of consuming common medications as well. In the case of arthritis patient who uses buffered aspirin consumes up to 700 mg of this metal each day, and this is harmful for the bones which further deteriorates the situation of the illness. Diarrhoea and haemorrhoid patients can consume as much as 5000 mg of aluminium per day which means an approximate dosage includes 200mg of this metal. United States has approved 6 kinds of aluminium salts which mostly contain sodium and aluminium phosphate (Pepi, 2013). High level aluminium exposure could be a result of living near a waste side or a place where the metal is mined. In few cases, aluminium dust in workplaces has also caused aluminium poisoning. Some scientists also concluded that after a slight use of aluminium utensils, traces of the metal begin to enter the food (Pepi, 2013).Epidemiology of Aluminium Poisoning

Twenty four years back aluminium caused one of the most notorious health disasters in UK as a pollution poison. The incident was reported as a water treatment plant where 20 tons of aluminium sulphate leaked out in the water supply for domestic and commercial use. Almost everyone who consumed the water complained of health problems. A research study of the outcome was carried out when a resident form the Camelford died of Alzheimer's because of high levels of aluminium found in her brain. The experts argued that aluminium is almost consumed by everyone in various forms and it is an established fact that at high levels it is neurotoxin. Therefore it is very important to keep a watch on the levels which are safe and recommended for ingestion (Bestic, 2012).

Aluminium as a metal is found abundantly in earth's crust. It is naturally absorbed by plants and other food items grown in the soil. In the past the amount of ingested aluminium was less from fruits and vegetable but today the metal is found almost in everything, even the utensils used for cooking contains aluminium (Zatta, 2003, p. 15)

Aetiology of Aluminium Poisoning

Aluminium has been extensively used in our everyday life in a variety of forms and in almost everything. Different salts of aluminium are used in edible form as well as it is also used for agricultural purposes. The sources are many and it is very important to maintain he edible standards so ...
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