American Art Analysis

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American Art Analysis


Art can be defined as anything that oblige us more well-rounded and thoughtful human being. Art stimulates several parts of the brain to work together and make people laugh or provoke people to riots, with loads of emotions in between. It gives human a way to express their feelings in different manners and through creativity. Art is the subject, which is translated and interpreted in a different way to every single person (Gombrich & Gombrich, 1995).

Context of Art

It can be defined as the collection of facts or circumstances that surround a specific situation, event, and era and place et cectra. It may indicate that when did the picture make, where and its purpose.

Title: George Washington Resigning his Commission Artist: John Trumbull

In the above picture John Trumbull is portraying the event of his resignation as a continental army's commander in chief on 23rd December 1783. He gave his resign in Maryland State House in Annapolis. A light on Washington is highlighting him most among all. He is giving paper to the commission after leaving a powerful position of the king, which is elaborated by a chair placing nearby him with a king's dress. As the picture shows that behind Washington Col. Benjamin, Col. David and further spectators are standing and watching the whole scene. In the spectators; man, woman and children are portrayed which symbolized that Washington was representing the civilians; and civilians were on his side. It gave an action of building civilian authority more than the military, step towards democracy. Trumbull painted above picture during 1822 and 1824, which was hanged in 1826 at Rotunda U.S Capitol. The message, which is extracted from the picture, is that, Mr. Washington was leaving his powerful position all for his people. He gave more importance to civilians than the military power, which was a shocking action as commission members were shocked, but all the Washington side people were calm and satisfied by his act. He has matched his effort with designing furniture and sculpture according to time. And in my point of view, he is smartly portraying the image and conveying appropriate context.

Title: Declaration of Independence Artist: John Trumbull

The painting is indicating 28th June 1776's an event of Thomas Jefferson presenting the draft of independence declaration to president John Hancock of the congress. The documents were consisting of the Revolutionary war's basic principles, which continued to be obeyed by the nation. The Great Britain and the thirteen colonies had been at fight for a year or more. Contacts between the mother country and colonies had been weakening since the finish of war of seven year in 1763. Within a week the colonial delegates signed the declaration. Trumbull painted the picture in 1818 while it was hanged in 1826 at Rotunda U.S capitol. This event was held in Pennsylvania state house, with members shown in picture such as John Adams, Robert Livingston Roger Sherman and Benjamin Franklin. In the given picture, Trumbull added some features beyond the reality as decoration ...
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