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Article Review


This is an article review of the writing “Psychopathology in the Post Genomic Era” by Robert Plomin and Peter McGuffin. The article reviews the characteristics of post genomic era and its contribution to the studies of psychopathology. The article relates to important facts relating to the identification of genetics composition in human beings, along with developing an understanding into the diagnosis of medical disorders using this research. It presents a useful contribution to the field, and the article serves to be a guiding path into the study of the importance of genetic testing and identification. The study reveals that important and crucial medical disorders could be resolved or treated if they are simply identified at the correct tie using genetic and DNA composition of human beings. It hence presents an important focus for further study and investigation through discussing important findings on genetics identification.

Article Review

Overview of the Topic

This assignment is based don investigating a particular issue in biopsychology in order to develop an understanding about the cause of psychological disorder. For the purpose of this assignment, we chose to review the article namely “Psychopathology in the Post Genomic Era” written by Robert Plomin and Peter McGuffin. The paper will look into the main thesis statement of the article in addition to summarizing its main viewpoints and presenting a critique about the authors' style of discussing the issue. In a nutshell, the article is based on functional genomics and its impact on human behaviors.


In the identification of genes, psychopathology is the most fundamental attempt (Plomin & McGuftin, 2003). This initial thought is presented in the article “Psychopathology in the Post Genomic Era” by Robert Plomin and Peter McGuffin. The article is divided into four distinct chapters that review different aspects of post-genomic era. These categories include the Human Genome Project, The Post genomic Era (in which Functional Genomics and Behavioral Genomics, Gene Manipulation, Gene Expression Profiling, Proteomics, and Behavioral Genomics are discussed), Finding Genes (in which different disorders are discussed namely Schizophrema, Mood Disorders, Dementia, Autism, Reading Disability, Communication Disorders, Mental Retardation, Hyperactivity and Alcoholism).

Thesis or Research Question

The post genomic era will lead to a complete understanding about genetics and its influence on human behavior.

Review and Analysis of Article

Genetics is the science which studies the genes, and attributes the inheritance and diversity of living organisms. The article “Psychopathology in the Post Genomic Era” covers a vast topic of study that has clearly marked a difference in biopsychology research. The article pinpoints the fact that research on genetics shows an indication of reaching in a post genomic era where the world will know about 3 billion DNA bases in the sequence of human genetics and will be able to study its impact upon human behaviors (Plomin & McGuftin, 2003). The genes associated with psychopathology should be taken in close examination to study about the functional and behavioral genomics. The study of human DNAs is therefore, essential in exploring aspects of psychological research and treatments available, in the ...
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