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End-Of-Module Assessment

End-Of-Module Assessment

Concepts and its Comparison

The Ecoisland Charter has given a lot of visions and initiatives to make the future green. All the initiatives are very significant and well versed for the development of the country. The completion of these initiatives will make the bright future of the country. First of all, the thing that is important regarding these initiatives is the innovation factor. Innovation is very important factor in fulfilling these steps.Innovation

First of all I will like to discuss that what ideas and concepts inspired people to make hundreds of inventions. We have thousands of cases that show the inventions that created by the people. Ron Hickman was a man that has the idea of doing everything itself. He damaged a chair and repaired it himself. He used a wood piece to support his chair. He did not angry but started to design and created a prototype of a combination of the bench and sawhorse so as to avoid more damage to his furniture's.

This finally became an invention, and millions of units have sold by the manufacturer. Similarly, there are other cases as well that shows the inventions made by people which were successful in the future. There is also some kind of doubt always that the invention would be a success or failure people will like it or not. However an invested invention might be a risk to commercialize, but there is the big reward in terms of money if any individual or an organization take such kind of risks (Taylor, 2006).

At the beginning of 21st Century, the innovation of technology was speeding. This speed created a number of innovated products, systems and new technology which met the requirements of the world. Therefore in such a world, the importance of innovation cannot be omitted, because it is a significant factor to ensure the economical balance for the growth of people and commercial companies, beside these for the whole nation (Taylor, 2006).

It is important to understand the term progress because these all initiatives related to the progress of the nation. Progress can also be described as the skill of people and firms to invent new processes, features and products. These include the renovation of the current products and make the new products successful in the market which will lead to the success of the nation. New products and innovations have been developing over the last hundreds of years, such as telephone which have been invented in 1870s, vehicles that have been invented in 1880s, televisions that have been invented in 1920s and computers in 1940s, such inventions have renovated the world and transformed the lives of the people (Taylor, 2006).

The initiative of making energy from renewable sources and other initiatives related to it is also a form of the invention if a new design attempted. The important thing is the enhanced skill to make new products and processes that have low cost and also lesser impact on the environment. This progress of continuous and constant innovation and improvement can ...
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