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In his article, IT Doesn't Matter, Carr suggests the following: “When a resource becomes essential to competition but inconsequential to strategy, the risks it creates become more important than the advantages it provides.” With respect to Facebook, please discuss whether Facebook currently possesses a competitive advantage (in your opinion, why or why not) and if so, whether you believe Facebook as a company can sustain this advantage (why or why not).

In a short time the date computer technology has grown exponentially rapidly, these advances in computing have helped everyone to stay connected or in their daily activities, be it academic or work. Nowadays computer technologies are vital, many processes have been simplified for businesses and have helped to meet the demands of consumers in a more efficient and timely, for example in financial services firms are basic and vital to offer their services.

In addition to what it has meant for conventional companies offer their products and services, these technological advances have generated new business models, which years ago was not even dreamed of, many of these business models are performed through Internet from in recent times has also had changes today with participation of each member because of the tools and enhancements that have been implemented, allowing the interaction of each surfer in the network.

As part of this development on the internet and example of these business models that have emerged with technological advancement, we have Facebook, social networking website where registered users can link information together, and due to its use by the people in the world, about 600 million users, many companies use this site as a projection to advertise or even create advertising campaigns in the wake of the website.

Facebook can easily get competitive advantage in future as it successfully done in current social networking due to the involvement and up gradation of systems onto latest techniques and development in the respective sector. The most common development done by the Facebook in its network is the introduction of open graph protocol which improves and enhances the functions and facilities provided by the Facebook to its users. This type of development ensures the competitive advantage of the Facebook in their future when it is compared to the other competitors available in the market for Facebook.

Open Graph Protocol

This protocol is very famous all over the world due to its effectiveness in developing such applications that becomes very useful in social networking over social websites such as Facebook. The major goal of developing open graph protocol is to support social websites through various applications that make experience of social websites interesting, effective and easy for the users that use social websites. Facebook is considered as the developer of open graph protocol but this protocol can be used over any other social website. The most common application of open graph protocol is that it can easily create a relation graph for the users with the help of database of other users present in the ...
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