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Marketing always plays a vital role in the development of business of any organization either it is a small organization or a giant one. Marketing is not only the promotion of product for attracting customers but it also includes identification of targeted customers, identification of customer needs, identification of opportunities and risks for products, and many more factors that affects the business of that organization. Opportunities identifies by the marketing serves as a path through which an organization can get best profit, can attract large number of customers and can expand their business (Kotler, 2000). If these opportunities are ignored by the organization then its growth suffers.

Marketing is more important for a restaurant as compared to the marketing for any other small scale business. In restaurant, everything depends on marketing. This is because marketing is the only process that identifies what customer needs, how much they can pay and other factors that helps restaurant in offering an effective food for customers. Marketing also identifies many opportunities for restaurant business that helps in expansion of business if properly utilized by the restaurant management. In this paper we are going to identify marketing opportunities for the French Restaurant located in Sydney, Australia at Central Business District. This restaurant consists of 10 tables for 2 peoples each and we are going to analyze and identify opportunities for this restaurant in this paper.


Brief Description of Restaurant

This paper deals with the marketing strategy especially with the identification of opportunities for better future of a French Restaurant located in Sydney, Australia at the location of Central Business District. This area is highly populated which majorly consist of head offices of various multinational brands and other giant companies. Most of the area has large buildings that mostly have offices of senior managers and high management officers of organizations. In this paper, we are going to identify the opportunities available for this restaurant to make their future bright and successful (Klein, 2008). In addition with this, future objectives are also going to be deciding in this paper on behalf of the area people standards and opportunities available for this restaurant. Now we analyze the business or restaurant more deeply by considering the location, product, size and capacity of the French Restaurant business:


The location at which this restaurant is located is ideal for any restaurant business. It surrounds by offices of very high class peoples that mostly consist of management grade. This helps restaurant in getting a great price for their service or product.

Product or service

This restaurant is currently offering foods for lunch and dinner. In addition with this, fast food is also available in the restaurant. The service of restaurant is excellent. Taste and quality of product is also satisfactory.


The capacity of this restaurant is small as compared to demand of the area as this restaurant has only 10 tables for 2 peoples each. This small size or capacity somehow limits the profit of this restaurant.


Marketing is considered as the back bone of the sales of any ...
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