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The topic of the essay presented is “Understanding cultural, ethnic and gender differences by managers and professional in a business setting”. The present essay is based on the assumption that having sock over right hand while doing everything with left can increase productivity of the individuals by making them able to work faster. By understanding similar differences at work place, productivity of professional personnel can largely increase by incorporating various personality traits of such nature. Thus understanding differences in a business setting can further improve productivity.


To understand the cultural, ethnic and gender differences within the workplace setting is of utmost importance and plays an important role for the managers and business professionals. Understanding the minor differences of gender, ethics and culture can create major changes within the workplace and enhance the productivity of the department. The managers should be able to understand these minor differences within his domain in order to be able to understand the diversity and apply that knowledge in the workplace. For understanding how cultural, ethical and gender differences can bring into account various changes and enhance productivity of the department, look at the example of individuals working with left hand (Bajaj & Kannan, 2004).

If an individual usually working with his right hand is asked to hold a ping pong ball and slip it in a sock by tying it or taping it in a place while keeping his fingers folded around the ball inside the sock and trying to go for performing normal activities. He would definitely not be able to perform a single task in a whole day. This experiment certainly proves that small and minor changes within the routine business life can certainly affect the productivity of the professionals and managers at their work place. At the same time, the experiment shows that the individuals would not be able to work with the left hand and vice versa for the individuals with left hand. It can definitely affect the culture, an experiment can certainly cultural differences make the life of most of the left handed individuals different from those of right handed individuals, carries important implications for the business professionals and workplace (Andrew & Margaret, 2009).

Most retail stores, banks, insurance companies and many other organizations have the same types of products and services. What distinguish one organization from another are their people. In a global marketplace driven by ideas where information freely flows, brainpower remains the source of competitive advantage. There is a combination of four generations in the workplace, which has different attitudes, work ethics, motivators, and values based on the shared set of events and worldview of their age group. The workplace used to have a system of the old being in charge and the young doing what they were told (Bashyam & Kaku, 2002 ).

This is no longer how the workplace has evolved. Younger workers are taking on more critical managerial roles in an organization, hierarchies are disappearing, and organizations are incorporating team-based structures that enable younger workers to ...
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