Assistive Technology And Learning Disabilities

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Assistive Technology and Learning Disabilities

Assistive Technology Analysis


Let us first see what assistive technology is and for which purpose is it used. My research over this subject leads me to the basic definition of assistive technology. AT devices are those distinctively designed gadgets or product system software that helps develop the operative skills and competence of disabled students. Some students can not access educational program and face difficulties taking advantage on an academic basis if they are not provided with the best AT that is why it is very crucially substantial for handicap or paralyzed students to have the appropriate assisting devices as per their needs. School systems need providing these AT devices to educate children with disabilities.

When it comes to this decision about the child special education, it must be made with due consideration, parental involvement and process rights. These supportive gadgets provide tools for a child to function more independently in regular classes with efficiency. Children who are experiencing slow or no cognitive, physical and social development are eligible for the use of these ATs. A singe device may not be used for every child. Every single child will have different requirements and needs as per the disability. So in order to opt for the best suitable device for a child a full process of selection takes place that takes a deal of proper evaluation. For this evaluation parents, input is highly recommended.

Many hearing gadgets are available to improve sound transmission for children with hearing issue. These devices are designed for both large facilities and personal use. These can be used with or without hearing aids. Most common device to overcome the problem of hearing is “a hearing loop” which is a device through which amplified sound travels and produces electromagnetic fields that are sensed or picked by the receiver of the loop. It is a very tiny device that is wireless, and a listener wearing the receiver easily picks up the sound through this device. This makes it very convenient for a disabled child to enhance the hearing ability and so sounds in the surrounding can be heard properly. This works as wireless loudspeakers.

Public address system, a television, or any other audio source may be required to make use of this device. ( Hearing loops can be bought from many American companies that are for Canada visitors “Bell Aliant Pioneers” or “Better Hearing Solutions” while U.K. visitors can purchase it from “Action for Hearing Loss Shop”. The installation must be made done on international standards through support from engineering expertise. It comes with portable receivers and headsets. These can also be used in adjacent rooms. It does not require any extra equipment.

Assistive technology device for blind children

Refreshable Braille displays: Braille is a cell consists of a series of dots which are used in place of letters. Then through a mechanical system metal pins are lifted to form characters that can later be read by a disabled child (blind child) trough fingers touching each Braille ...
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